Baxter’s Berth (You know: Baxter!!!)

Baby, the one who’s almost-but-not-quite-fully-cooked, has simple needs. Right now.

Us other people, the ones who are almost-but-not-quite-fully-ready for baby, have simple needs, too.

One: a nickname.

Once I got over the hump of being afraid to actively think about baby, I quickly moved into needing to . . . → Read More: Baxter’s Berth (You know: Baxter!!!)

QUICK! Sixteen Really Important Things from 2012 That I Forgot to Share

“QUICK!” Ha! Who’m I kidding?

And “really important”—wooooooo, that’s a chuckler, too.

I’m supposed to be working on year-end bookkeeping and reports and tallying and blah-blah-blah. But it’s been so long since you and I had a chat. And if I get the bookkeeping and reporting and tallying done . . . → Read More: QUICK! Sixteen Really Important Things from 2012 That I Forgot to Share

Madame Waredrobe

Okay, so backing up about six projects to . . .

that coffin.

Which, you know, not really a coffin so much as a comparatively-plain wardrobe that was found hanging out among some rather fancy armoires and burled-wood wardrobes on the back aisle of an antiques store.

. . . → Read More: Madame Waredrobe

This Week’s Menu: Dustbowls with Laminate Shavings

Tore up my kitchen, I did.

Underestimated my need for order, I have.

Feeling in the tips of 2.5 fingers, I lack.

Of tearing down cabinets and walls last night, I dreamt.

Better to just move, I think.

Certifiable, I am.

Zee Desk of Indigo Batikishness

That desk? The one I found all lonely in a corner at a garage sale? Remember her?

She’s a big ‘un. Solidly built. None of that veneer or particle/pressed board on her base.

At some point she was given a blond laminate top. Which . . . uh . . . . . → Read More: Zee Desk of Indigo Batikishness


Either it’s been slowing settling in for me or I’ve just become increasingly ready to admit it:

In an variety of ways, I’ve been on pause since about December 4, 2009.

That day, December 4, 2009, was the day on which the forward progression of my idea of our . . . → Read More: Unpausing

A Moment of Silence for The Corner That Held The Tree

Today we took down the garland and packed up the tree.

Now, before moving non-holiday decorations back into their places, we are observing a moment of silence for the sad, empty corner where our Most Favoritist Tree Ever stood.

And we’re waiting for creative suggestions from Mrs. Spackle . . . → Read More: A Moment of Silence for The Corner That Held The Tree

The Other Such Tree

Sisterhood, I’m going to be very honest with you: for the first time ever in the history of The Other Such Household, I’m totally in love with our Christmas tree.

Like, sit-and-gaze-lovingly-into-its-many-glittery-branches LOVE. Like, encourage-The-Child-to-rearrange-the-bottom-over-and-over-again-because-I-adore-seeing-her-next-to-it, two-of-my-fave-sights-in-one-place LOVE. Like, I-don’t-care-if-it-stays-up-til-May LOVE. Like, I-am-now-going-to-subject-you-to-multiple-pictures-of-it LOVE.

I’ve never felt this way about . . . → Read More: The Other Such Tree

Project No. 5: Warm Living

Project Number 5, the final project, the living room.

In the beginning there was a great open space:

I did what I could with it . . .

. . . which, after painting and new carpet, was basically to just move our stuff into it. Then . . . → Read More: Project No. 5: Warm Living

Project No. 4: The Other Such Kitchen

Once upon a time I met a boy who was a much, much better cook than I. Some things have not changed.

And yet, as you now know, I am set to unleash my inexperience on a large group of friends. Tonight. WOOOO!

I’ve spent a couple of weeks . . . → Read More: Project No. 4: The Other Such Kitchen