Today I am eight days past the five-day transfer of our two little embryos, which if you (like me) have spent the last eight days combing the infertility websites, message boards, and blogs you have quickly learned is a whole lot easier written by using the “8dp5dt” abbreviation. After eight days you’ve learned . . . → Read More: 8dp5dt

The Blasts, The Transfer, The Praying

Well, I’ll just tell you: this is a hard post to write on account of every 10 minutes I’m distracted by the frantic need to Google some new thought or twinge. Is this normal? Good normal or bad normal? Are there even degrees of normal or is normal just normal?

I . . . → Read More: The Blasts, The Transfer, The Praying

Friday Fertilization Follow-up

The Wednesday (Day 1) fertilization report was good. Better than, even:

Of the 11 eggs retrieved, 10 were mature. And of those 10 mature eggs, 7 fertilized.


On Thursday (Day 2) those little embryos had the day to themselves, no one peeking . . . → Read More: Friday Fertilization Follow-up

Not to Count Them Before They Hatch, But . . .

Slept pretty well last night, insofar as that can ever be said of a five-hour stretch of rest that is the kind of sleep where you wake at least once an hour with Wonderland Rabbit Syndrome–I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!

Today WAS a very important date. A . . . → Read More: Not to Count Them Before They Hatch, But . . .

The Oocytuation

Wouldn’t have guessed how peaceful and pleasant a Sunday visit to Dr. Bigger Picture’s could be, but it was: no traffic, cooler fall-like weather, quiet morning with The Husband.

Wouldn’t have guessed that a dozen other patients would be streaming in and out on a Sunday, but they were.

Wouldn’t have guessed we’d get . . . → Read More: The Oocytuation

That’s One Insolent Lady Flower You’ve Got There, Ma’am

I think we’re still on track. I think.

This morning’s ultrasound report was very positive, showing: Right ovary–4 follicles right around 14mm, 2 follicles slightly smaller Left ovary–5 follicles right around 14mm

Follicle sizes don’t speak directly to whether a quality egg is contained within, but numerous follicles growing . . . → Read More: That’s One Insolent Lady Flower You’ve Got There, Ma’am

Magical Jumping Ovaries

Apparently there’s been a horrible mixup at the pharmacy and instead of the stimulation medications Dr. Bigger Picture prescribed, I’ve been injecting jumping bean juice all week. Right into my abdomen. And now my ovaries are whipping about in what I suspect is nothing short of double-dutch-style mayhem for the ol’ fallopes.

Except, wise friends . . . → Read More: Magical Jumping Ovaries

Behold! The Amazing and Talented Dr. Gynecologoccult!

Climbed up in the stirrups this morning and started passing the time as has become my routine: by taking more sock-and-paper-gown and/or alarmingly-odd medical equipment pictures. There’s a whole collection of these photos on my phone. Which reminds me that I need to make sure I’ve set up the remote-data-wipe feature on my . . . → Read More: Behold! The Amazing and Talented Dr. Gynecologoccult!

Where We Beeeeeyen

Welp, welp, welp . . . we’s way behind again.


Dr. Bigger Picture called Friday evening to tell me that my labs showed a very elevated progesterone level. Meaning that the uterine lining would be thinning too soon for an embryo to implant. Meaning that it would be . . . → Read More: Where We Beeeeeyen

Pretty Sure I’d Still Find This Funny Even Without The Hormones

Wednesday’s Wand and Needle Report was good, thankyouthankyouthankyou, my estrogen level having returned to normal and the cyst apparently just hanging idly about my ovary.

We continue plugging ahead for now, until the report from today’s Wand and Needling is returned, and then the report from Monday’s, and then the report . . . → Read More: Pretty Sure I’d Still Find This Funny Even Without The Hormones