The She That Changed We

Waiting on our sweet baby was a nine-month-long exercise in staying in the moment: letting neither the grief of the past nor the uncertainty of the future weigh down the joy of the present.

As the birth day neared, I asked a best friend if she would be willing to photograph . . . → Read More: The She That Changed We


If you’ve been coming here for any amount of time, you know at least two things:

(1) Ours has been a long journey from the birth of our first daughter to the birth of the second.

(2) That No (1) thing above is an oversimplification the brevity of which . . . → Read More: Waiting

At Last!

At last . . . our love has come along!

Etta Rae June 29, 2013 @ 2:26pm 6lbs 6oz & 17.5″

. . . and here we are in heaven, for you are ours . . .

at last!

Baxter’s Berth (You know: Baxter!!!)

Baby, the one who’s almost-but-not-quite-fully-cooked, has simple needs. Right now.

Us other people, the ones who are almost-but-not-quite-fully-ready for baby, have simple needs, too.

One: a nickname.

Once I got over the hump of being afraid to actively think about baby, I quickly moved into needing to . . . → Read More: Baxter’s Berth (You know: Baxter!!!)

What Multiple Losses Do

Nineteen weeks.

Specifically, as of today: 19w3d.

This is the farthest we’ve made it in a pregnancy since The Four-Why-Oh was gestatin’.

Which should bring me a lot of comfort. Excitement even.

And in some ways, it does.

But for the most part, . . . → Read More: What Multiple Losses Do

Considering It: Between the Wilderness and a Promise

This is a hard post to write. Maybe the hardest I’ve ever attempted. Which, considering the not-easy topics I’ve written about before–blighted ovum, infertility, cancer, miscarriages, death of a parent–that this post would feel the hardest bears a touch of irony, I guess.

And I’ve attempted to write it no less . . . → Read More: Considering It: Between the Wilderness and a Promise

Considering It: My Heart Will Choose to Say

Shaaaaaeeeeeeeeeesh, October. She’s always a doozy around here.

October 2012 was no exception.

Mostly because, very unexpectedly, this:

(***WAIT. STOP RIGHT THERE. Before you get all woooo-hooooey, let me just caution you that this isn’t a post about a pregnancy, but a post (oh, sweet Heaven, yes another one) about a miscarriage. Okay, if . . . → Read More: Considering It: My Heart Will Choose to Say

QUICK! Sixteen Really Important Things from 2012 That I Forgot to Share

“QUICK!” Ha! Who’m I kidding?

And “really important”—wooooooo, that’s a chuckler, too.

I’m supposed to be working on year-end bookkeeping and reports and tallying and blah-blah-blah. But it’s been so long since you and I had a chat. And if I get the bookkeeping and reporting and tallying done . . . → Read More: QUICK! Sixteen Really Important Things from 2012 That I Forgot to Share


Either it’s been slowing settling in for me or I’ve just become increasingly ready to admit it:

In an variety of ways, I’ve been on pause since about December 4, 2009.

That day, December 4, 2009, was the day on which the forward progression of my idea of our . . . → Read More: Unpausing

We, Appropriately Inappropriate (Alligator)

After posting this morning, I realized that I’ve neglected to tell you the joke about the girl who lost her father while she’s in the middle of an estrogen-pill-popping protocol as part of readying herself for another embryo transfer. Which is just as well on account of: no punchline. On account of: . . . → Read More: We, Appropriately Inappropriate (Alligator)