“Things be screwy,” she admitted.

About once a year I feel compelled to up-end myself technologically, to the point that I spend a day whimpering in agony at my desk, knowing I’m way out of my depth but refusing to admit that I cannot learn how to do something on the back-end of this website.

That . . . → Read More: “Things be screwy,” she admitted.

Other Such Hall Passes

Last week was just a sprinkling, but this morning there were two dozen comments on old posts, complimenting me on the layout of this site and the incredibly useful information here. Spam, all.

And even though it was polite spam, the Other Such Spam Filtration System has nevertheless been implemented.

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Press Release – APB re Other Such

Press Release – For Immediate Distribution:

Other Such packed up and moved, reportedly in the middle of the night on August 1, 2010.

“It was the durndest thing,” said a neighbor.

“Sunday night we went to bed like usual and then the next morning, . . . → Read More: Press Release – APB re Other Such

We Made It

I’m here, you’re here, and for better or worse, it looks like pretty much everything made it with us. Collective sigh of relief – I know you were worried.

There were a few items of baggage that probably should have been left behind but it was just too hard to part . . . → Read More: We Made It

Welcome to Other Such: The Large Print Edition

You know how I tend not to nibble so much as bite off a portion that could choke Mr. Jolly Green himself?

Hang with me the next couple of days while I work over the design and layout and glitches attributable to the move.

Really, it’s a wonder I . . . → Read More: Welcome to Other Such: The Large Print Edition

I’ll Breathe When We Get There – Are We There Yet??!!?

I do things backwards. Often.


This spring I dug up a large section of grass to turn it into a flower bed.

Then I got a tiller thing and tilled in some “good dirt.” (Really, I don’t know if it was good. My thumb, she . . . → Read More: I’ll Breathe When We Get There – Are We There Yet??!!?