Always Feels Like Yesterday

I’ve let so much time go by that I’m not entirely sure where to pick up with you. What do you not already know, Sisterhood?

The last six weeks have been a blur. Not the life-in-hyperdrive kind of blur. More the too-much-water-in-the-watercolor-can’t-tell-what-the-picture-is-anymore kind.

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The Last Two Weeks –>Ing

Week in The Other Valley vacationing.

The Week in The Other Valley recuperating.

Computer dying.

Doctor appointmenting.

Phone dramaing.

Computer consultant consulting.

Computer replacement searching.

Computer replacement ordering.

Rental house refinished countertop projecting.

Rental house countertop project delaying.

Rental house other projecting.

Draw Something-ing.

36-hour virusing.

More doctoring, negative flu testing, not-the-flu-but-flulike-symptoms suffering.

36-hour recovering.

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Probably I Should Warn You That This Is Pointless

It’s been twenty-three days, give or take, since I sat down to talk to you, to really talk to you. Not that I haven’t thought about you. I have. And I’ve filled the void, here and there, with fluffiness, lighterness. I just . . . I don’t know. What is there to say?

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To Self, From Self (Edition 01.30.12)

Ten things I’m telling myself today:

(1) There is nothing I’d rather use this Monday for than year-end reports.

(2) I don’t look a day over 27. Ish.

(3) My favorite jeans easily make me appear 5 pounds lighter than I am.

(4) If I . . . → Read More: To Self, From Self (Edition 01.30.12)

Test Post

(Please excuse–this is a test post re: auto-connect between WordPress and Facebook. It is blah and ugly and devoid of OtherSuchishness.)

Guessing It’s Not All Happily-Ever-After for Mr. and Mrs. Google

Oh, Google.

That’s all I’ve got: oh, Google.

Betterness by Lotsa Degrees

Today was a better day.

Like a way better day.

Like an exponentially way better day.

Thank you, today.


Faith is hope, tempered by reality, resting on trust, blanketed in peace.

~ . . . for I know the plans I have for you . . . ~

What I Meant About What He Said

This isn’t a political website. My yard and the polling booth are the places for irritating/pleasing my friends and neighbors with which candidates I find less inferior (Candidate Friends: haha, kidding) than others, not this blog.

But, this day is such a beautiful shade of gray and rainy, the espresso in . . . → Read More: What I Meant About What He Said

The Time I Forgot My Pants in a Public Restroom

The state of affairs: I am woefully behind. Or maybe more chronically than woefully. Or maybe just eh-well-whatevery behind.

The remedy: cliffnote us up to date. With a lot of colons. Because they’re like happy little polka dot disguises for my fragmented thoughts.

The Child: turns 3 in a few days, which cannot . . . → Read More: The Time I Forgot My Pants in a Public Restroom