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Who, me? ย I’m an attorney (a loyal-to-her-Longhorns one), turned stay-at-home-wife/mom, turned opportunistic abuser of grammar rules so long as their there they’re intentional and provided there is no random apostrophication. However, intentional fragmentalizing, verbing nouns, nouning verbs, adjectivization through excessive hyphenation, and complete madeupedness of words, especially through the use of “ish,” “esque,” “ness,” and “icious” (or, brace for it: “esqueishiciousness”),ย are all welcome. And quite possibly overused. As may be all-capping but those are the things ALL-CAPPED IN MY HEAD and watering it down in type is just not something my fingers can manage.

The others mentioned on this site, the supporting cast in this Other Such life, they are proper nounified according to their role (The Husband, The Child, The MotherSuch, The Father-in-Law, The Doctor) and according to the kind of incriminating photos of me that they may or may not have (ranging from: the plumber to THE BEST FRIEND EVER).

There is talk here of things that fundamentally stink, like The Pregnancy That Was and Wasn’t. But more than that there is the steady sprinkling of the light-hearted, the silly glue that holds all the Other Such together, binds us in MFEO-suchness and relegates Crazy to her tent in the back yard, where she belongs.

At the end of the day (no, literally) I’m just trying to put one word in front of another, succeeding (depending on the definition) in any given moment in one, or maybe even two, of those wife/mother/attorney/writer roles – and working diligently to upgrade the SAHM status to that of “trophy wife.” ย The Other Such Trophy Wife.

If you’ve stopped by (which clearly you have), I’m honored. If you leave a comment, I’m humbled (and prone to responding, the need to comment on comments about comments being one of my yet-to-overcome compulsions). And if you admit that yours, too, is an Other Such life? Well, I raise my Iced Caramel Macchiato to you and count you among The (gender non-specific) Sisterhood.

Other Such Shelby