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She, He, Me = We in the Texas Blues

There’s this thing about Texas bluebonnets in the spring.

They are beautiful.

And upon discovery of a patch or a field of them, a Texan is required to grab her child or a spouse or a parent or a pet or a whateverΒ (rumor: friend of a friend, being as yet kidless, placed her favorite bottled beverage among the bluebonnets for photos) and GO TAKE PICTURES IN THE BLUES.

It’s a law.


Which I try to obey. Except I haven’t every year. Β Which I admit at great risk to my state citizenship status.

I want to be a good citizen.

And I want to be a good mother.

Even if it means handing the camera over to The FourWhyOh.

But sometimes it’s just so . .Β .

Other Such.

So wonderfully, perfectly Other Such.

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