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Vocabulatreasure: Commercializedding

Last week I wrote out the obituary for OSS/TOVG Blackberry Messengering. The farewell homage, combined with the incoming messages pressuring me to abandon it in favor of something new, seem to have encouraged my phone reconsider its behavior over the last year. Not only have I not had any dropped calls, spontaneous speakerphone activations, phantom dialings, or random rollerball freezeouts since that post, I was also graciously gifted with this gem:

Oh yes.  The blackberry, after running its customary spellcheck on an outgoing e-mail, suggested that I change a correct spelling to a TOTALLY MADE-UP WORD.

At first, I thought commercializedding must be some hot new word I had yet to hear.

I consulted Merriam-Webster: not a word.

So I went above M-W’s head and asked Google: NOTHING. And when Google returns that rare “your search did not match any documents” you can be assured it’s because NO SUCH THING.

There is no explanation for this other than the obvious: the blackberry is demonstrating its commitment to The Other Such Way of Life.

And a phone that crafts its own OtherSuchesque words? No way could I part with that yet. Instead, where once was frustration is now fondness.  Daily, I find myself running spellcheck on notes, e-mails, texts – - anything that might lead to another vocabulatreasure.

Well done, good and faithful palm-sized piece of technology.

Your transgressions have been forgiven, your efforts rewarded with a new name:    The OtherSuch Spellephony.

(P.S.: I asked both Google and iTunes and THERE IS NO APP FOR THIS!)

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