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Last week was just a sprinkling, but this morning there were two dozen comments on old posts, complimenting me on the layout of this site and the incredibly useful information here.  Spam, all.

And even though it was polite spam, the Other Such Spam Filtration System has nevertheless been implemented.

So, going forward, if (I mean WHEN) you leave a comment here the OSSFS will hold it in the queue just until I can verify that you’re you and not that guy that keeps trying to sell me cabinetry by sweet-talking the format of this place.  I have to do this.  Otherwise I’m bound to start looking for cabinets that would benefit from a makeover.

Once you’ve had a comment approved, you will receive your official Other Such Hall Pass and be free to leave subsequent comments without waiting in the moderation queue.

And to think: this isn’t even what I’m planning to tell you today.  Which means with patience will come two posts.

Your Monday is looking UP!

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